Transform your local area this winter with our community gardening fund


Meet Julie, who has lived in an Enfield Single Housing property for 18 months. She is one of many residents who has had their community gardening projects financed by our Irene Barclay Gardens in Bloom fund.

Julie initially started in the summer by planting seeds using leftovers from vegetables and fruits to add some colour to her communal yard. This ended up kick-starting a project to transform the yard. She later found out about our community gardening fund which supported the transformation.

To make the most of the fund, she focused on upcycling by repurposing vases, watering cans and bricks and using them as quirky plant pots. She used the rest of the money to buy furniture for a seating area, a barbecue and decorations to add more personality to the yard. She also bought winter plants to make sure her garden project could keep going long beyond the summer she received the fund.

Julie’s top tip for other budding gardeners is to save seeds from the fruit and vegetables that you eat and store them so you can plant them the next season.

If you want to transform your garden like Julie did, apply to receive up to £500 for your community gardening project here.

IRENE-TWO-COLLAGE.jpgBefore and after photos from Julie's gardening project.