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Our Spotlight Panel's 12 month workplan and why your views are important to us



No one knows better what it’s like to live in your home and neighbourhood than you, our residents who live there 24/7. Working together with you is important to us because our residents' views can help us improve and deliver a better service for everyone. Making sure we engage with our residents and take on feedback helps us get things right the first time more often, or to fix things quickly if they go wrong.

During the spring, between April and June this year, we co-created the 12-month work plan below over virtual meetings and online discussions with our Spotlight panel. Residents on the Spotlight panel were provided with an overview of our corporate priorities, ongoing and upcoming projects and initiatives for the next year. This encouraged partnership working to ensure that our residents' priorities align with those of the wider business, as highlighted in the work plan.
The Chair of the Spotlight panel described the experience:
“Members of Spotlight and Origin have worked together to thrash out our priorities for the next 12 months. This has been a really rewarding job to be part of, with everybody listening to everyone else’s ideas and wishes for the safe and lasting future of our Origin homes and environment. We’re all going through tricky times right now and it is more important than ever to muck in and get involved. There is a new spirit of togetherness at Origin, and it would be great to get many more residents involved in working on our three agreed priorities for 2022-23: The Impact of Climate Change, Better Repairs, Stronger Relationship between Residents and Origin. So come on down!
We recognise that Spotlight cannot represent all of our residents' views and we are working to consult with much more of you. This is why we continue to work with our ‘Together residents’ who are the panel of involved residents that primarily get involved from home or in projects/initiatives of interest to them. If you’d like to get involved, all of our residents are invited to sign up and get involved.  We also expect to develop special interest groups based on diversity and tenure with potential groups including Disability, LGBTQ+, BAME, Older People or Leaseholders and Shareholders. We’ll work on improving our record, so we know which of these groups, topics and subjects, and the levels of engagement, residents are interested in. 

The ’Get involved’ section on our website details all the different ways our residents can get involved. We will also continue to promote resident involvement opportunities on our website, social media and all other communication channels to help bring this plan to life. If you have any questions about getting involved, email community.development@originhousing.org.uk

Check out the full 12 month work plan here.