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Pam on van



This month our Director of Resident Services, Pam Bhamra joined Ben, from Gilmartins, on his van to shadow him on his morning appointments to see how our new repairs contract and its benefits are working for our residents.
As part of the new repairs contract, there has been lots of work going on to ensure you see some big changes in the way our repairs service is delivered. The new contract really focuses on your expectations of better communication, improved levels of us getting things right, first time for you and the quality of work completing repairs jobs in your homes. 

Pam wanted to see how things were working day-to-day under the new arrangements for our residents, and the operatives out and about to repair your homes.

Pam visited ‘Mr and Mrs A’s’ home, where they have lived for 15 years, having moved in when it was newly built. The new SMS tracking service got some great feedback from Mr A who was really positive about the new text message and tracking links - they’d been able to follow our journey to their home for the appointment.    
The new service sends you a message when you report a repair, allows you to track the status of your repair, the location of the Gilmartins operative coming to do the work in real time.

Pam using Gilmarting app

You also have the ability to message and re-arrange repairs appointments. After your repair after you will receive a link by text to rate your repair, and if there are any issues at all we’ll follow up with a phone call to make sure we learn from the mistake and make things right.

Pam observing a Gilmartins operative

Following the visit Pam was really impressed with Ben, from Gilmartins “Ben took his time to really listen to what the residents said, focused on the little things like asking Mrs A how long she wanted the cord on the light switch rather than assuming, and at the end summarised what work he has done and clearly explained the next steps. I’m really glad to have the chance to experience how our new repairs contract works for our residents and see how the team at Gilmartins work. I was really impressed with the quality of care and service, Ben provided and the positive feedback on the new resident text and tracking service. I’m looking forward to heading out to visit more residents on Repairs calls this year”