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Financial support story



Our Financial Support Team are there to help residents with their finances and maximise any benefits they are entitled to. Over the past few years, particularly during the cost of living crisis our Financial Support Officers have continued to help our residents with their finances and benefits. Here is a brief story of one of the residents that we have helped:

Mr J has long term ill health and he was relying on disability and housing benefits. He was struggling to make rent payments and the money he owed was piling up. Also, as he lived alone in his two-bedroom home be was having to pay bedroom tax.

Our financial officer said: "We have supported him over a substantial period, helping him through the process of making several Discretionary Housing Payment claims to meet the Housing Benefit shortfall. This helped him to ultimately clear the money he owed before we supported him to find a suitable smaller property and to move home.

During our support, we were also able to access shopping and medical expenses vouchers to relieve some financial pressure which allowed him to focus on ensuring his rent account remained positive and to work towards his move."

If you find yourself facing money problems, our Financial Support Team is here to help.

Get in touch and the Financial Support Team will do a full assessment of your circumstances, taking into account money you have coming in  as well as options you have for maximising your income. These could be through benefits payments or through debt options. 

You can also speak with your Neighbourhood Manager about our cost of living fund. The fund was set up so we're able to help our residents most in need to provide a one-off payment made in supermarket vouchers.

To contact our Financial Support Team, you can:

  1. Call 0300 323 0325 and ask to speak to the Financial Support Team
  2. Fill in the form on this page: Money Worries - Origin Housing