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Rent and service charges - how we can help



We know that times are tough for many of our residents, and we realise that an increase in rents and service charges is never welcome. However, to maintain services and continue to invest in the face of rising costs we are going to need to do so.

We do not make a profit on rent and service charges - this income is used to pay for delivering services to you and investing in your homes and communities.

Will my rent be increasing?
Every year we review rents, in line with government regulations and tenancy agreements. We need to raise rents in line with rising prices to be able to continue delivering services to you. This includes providing housing management and maintenance services, investing in your homes and neighbourhoods and building homes for future generations.
The impact of rising costs and our promise to you
Over the past year in particular we have seen an increase in costs, for example the rising costs of fire and building safety as Government requirements change, as well as price increases such as building materials and parts.

Where we have felt the impact of Covid we have delivered services differently to you –for example throughout the pandemic our caretakers and cleaners have continued to be out on estates and focussed on deep cleaning and dealing with an increase in fly tipping and our neighbourhood managers have been tackling a higher number of cases of anti-social behaviour. We have introduced same day repairs appointments and we’ve made getting support easier with an online appointment system so you can speak to key members of the team in person.

We will continue to work to improve the quality and responsiveness of our services and to keep our promise to you as a customer: We’re on your side; We’ll keep you informed; We’ll follow it through.

What if I can’t afford to pay my rent or service charges?
Get in touch with our income team, they are here to help email enquiries@originhousing.org.uk or call us on 0300 323 0325. They can

  • Help you to manage your money
  • Arrange a payment plan with you
  • Help you prioritise your debts
  • Help you access any benefits you might be entitled to
  • Refer you to our Employment and Training advice service if you are looking for work

Last year our Financial Support Team helped our residents maximise their income and access welfare benefits worth over £100,000.