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Why being a good neighbour is important for everyone



While we might not see our neighbours every day, it’s likely everyone will be aware of each other going about our daily activities.
We all have different daily living and working routines and we need to be mindful of these to ensure everyone can enjoy their homes and the communal areas/gardens around them.
Be a good neighbour

  • Let someone know if you are ever worried about a neighbour
  • Try to minimise the disturbance from your property. For example, keep noise at a considerate level and keep your garden/outside space tidy.
  • Please be kind and tolerant of other people
  • Keep your home in a reasonable and tidy condition.
  • Do not react to noise nuisance by banging on walls, ceilings or stamping on floors – it won’t resolve anything and is likely to cause more issues.
  • Remember, if you can hear your neighbours, it’s very likely they can hear you too!

If you are having problems with your neighbour

Try and solve the problem between you, it might be your neighbour isn’t aware that something they are doing is causing issues for you.

  • Always stay calm and friendly, be respectful, and reasonable and plan what you are going to say beforehand.
  • Keep to the point and don’t bring up past events, focus on the current problem and listen to your neighbour’s views.
  • If your neighbour becomes unreasonable, end the conversation and walk away from the situation.

If your relationship with a neighbour is starting to negatively affect you and/or you are worried about someone then please contact us by emailing enquiries@originhousing.org.uk, give us a call on 0300 323 0325 or speak with your Neighbourhood Manager.

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