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Athlone Street Estate Repairs Day is on Friday 23 June



Our Estate Repairs Days are returning with our Repairs contractor Gilmartins. This is the first of many Repairs Days this Summer and will be held at Athlone Street on 23 June from 8am-12pm.

There will be three Gilmartins Operatives there on the day; an electrician, plumber and a multi skilled operative, together with Sarah Baxter, Head of Customer Client Relations. 

The team will be based in the courtyard and they’ll be available to carry out small repairs to your home (taking less than two hours), touch up paintwork, fix a leaking tap or assess and report any larger repairs straight away.
We’ll have vans loaded with all of the equipment and all of the parts we might need so the team can get to work on any issues as you report them. You can also discuss any outstanding repairs or get advice on repairs with some of the senior managers and talk about your estate, any improvements you’d like made or any issues you are having with members of the Origin Team.

We’d also love to know if there is anything in your courtyard or communal area, we could work on to improve the area for you. Keep an eye on our website, social media and emails to see when there's an estate day local to you.