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Protecting the contents of your home – better to be safe than sorry



We’ve recently spoken with some of our residents who thought that as their landlord, we automatically insure their furniture, belongings and other things in their home like computers or TV’s against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage. We do insure the building and the structure of the home you live in, but this does not cover any of your personal belongings inside.
The cost of replacing things like sofas, TV’s or laptops can quickly add up and are likely to be very costly to replace, so we advise looking into a contents insurance policy to cover you against any risks to your belongings
We work with Thistle Tenant Risks, an insurer, who provide cover for the belongings within your home called ‘My Home Contents Insurance’ that has been created specifically for tenants.
Thistle Tenant Risks is a leading provider, developing tenant contents insurance schemes in the social housing sector for over twenty years and working with in excess of 700 housing associations and local authorities.
You can find out more information here.