Snow and cold weather


The cold and snow can affect all of us and cause disruption to the roads and railways.  It's important to stay warm and safe. 

Try and heat and heat at least one of your rooms to 210C  and heat your bedroom before bed. At night try and keep your bedroom temperature at 180C.

Many slips and falls on snow and ice happen in places people see as safe and secure, typically outside their front door, on the door step, on the path or while getting out of their car.

The best way you can help yourself and your neighbours in times of severe ice and snow is to clear your driveway and paths.

Where will we grit?

We will only target certain estates and will grit paths not roads. Road gritting is the responsibility of the local Council.

These are the key estates we will grit, but may add to this list:

  • Sydney estate
  • St Augustines
  • Hemmingway Close
  • York Rise
  • Rosebery Square East and West (steps only)
  • Chamberlain and Levita House (steps to street only)
  • St Pancras Way
  • Stokes Court
  • Watermill Lane

Caretakers will grit paths/stairs.

In Hertfordshire, we will be gritting at our hospital sites, on other estates that is the reposnisbility of the local Council.

For our retirement schemes, it depends on the scheme, but if we were to grit it would be the main paths that lead out to the roads or the entrances. 

Unfortunately our Caretakers will not be able to grit on demand or provide salt and tools.

If you want to clear snow

If you want to clear snow outside your home here is some guidance, as there are many stories about clearing snow from outside your home and legal action. Government guidance on clearing snow.