Service this weekend


We’d like to apologise for the delay in getting through to our out-of-hours service from Friday until Monday morning.


All our main computer systems were affected by a problem with the internet on Friday and so we had to divert all calls to the out-of-hours number. We are urgently looking at what we need to do if this was to happen again.


In addition, over the weekend, the out-of-hours service provided by Pinnacle received a huge volume of calls – far higher than has ever been experienced before – due to the impact of the severe weather. This meant the service struggled to cope with the number of calls and customers who called in may have experienced:

  • calls ringing out
  • calls failing to connect – which happened when lines were maxed out
  • calls cutting off – when maximum capacity was reached
  • crackly or hard to hear messages


The situation on Friday and the weekend was exceptional and we are very sorry that we couldn’t offer you the service you would expect from us. We are working closely with the out-of-hours provider to look at how we can improve the service if such a situation should happen again. This includes other options to report emergency repairs. Any repairs that were reported are being chased up and rebooked as a matter of priority.