We're trialling live chat on our website


Chat live with us!

This week we launched live chat on our website as a new and fast way to get in touch with us. 

We're always looking for better ways we can connect and now, anytime the 'Chat live with us' button is on display, you can talk to one of us straightaway without having to ring, email, fax or send a letter - (you can still do those if you'd like to though!)

We can help you with any quick enquiries you might have. If you need to talk to us about a repair or complaint, please either email or use the website forms which you can find here.


Livechat-no-swirl2.jpg     Livechat-offline-no-swirl.jpg


If we are away - or if you're getting in touch outside of our office hours - there's the option to leave us a message and it'll be sent directly to our Customer Resolution Team. We're looking forward to chatting with you!

For information on how we use data, please read our privacy notices here.