Fire Risk Assessments of your homes


We want to be open and honest with you, especially when it comes to Health and Safety issues. So we’re currently deciding on the best way to show you the Fire Risk Assessments that we carry out, so that they’re as clear as possible.

Fire Risk Assessments are how we decide which measures to put in place to reduce or remove the risk of fire, and identify people at risk.

The documents that explain Fire Risk Assessments aren’t easy to read and can be taken out of context if you don’t know about the fire risk process, current legislation and fire safety advice, and if you don’t have a clear view of Fire Risk Assessments across all of our properties. 

We're working towards publishing Fire Risk Assessments early on in the next financial year (from April 2018 onwards) so you can view advice online and so we can be clear on when we’ll be taking action to further protect our properties against fire risks.