Half-term fun at Millfield Arts Centre!

Half-term fun at Millfield Arts Centre!

We ran a three day community art club where our younger residents played games, created artwork, and took part in some fun writing and storytelling exercises. Neighbours began the club playing 'Two Truths One Lie’, ‘Chinese Whispers’ and ‘Who Am I?’ to get to know each other better before taking part in outdoor drawing and games at the Millfield Arts Centre. We were really encouraged to hear residents talking about the possibility of revisiting the centre together for children's ballet classes or group theatre trips.

"The community art activity was a great insight into the skills and interests of some of our younger residents, where they could share their ideas and imagination in a fun, creative space. I was delighted to see our residents engaging with community initiatives and playing a more active role in their neighbourhood.”

Rabeea Arif, Community Development Team.

The idea for the event came from our Neighbourhood Explorers activity in Watermill Lane, Enfield where our residents asked if we could introduce more activites for children and young people in the area. We had a great time with our residents over the school half-term break and were really impressed by some of the great art and stories they created. We'll keep you posted on what activities we've got planned next!



Thanks to Mollie Kelly for the excellent photos!


Posted: 27/11/2018 By George Clarke