Getting creative in lockdown at Hillside

Our Care and Support teams have been hard at work to continue delivering services to our vulnerable residents during the coronavirus lockdown. We want to share the creative ways that one of our Learning Disability Services have adjusted to this temporary new normal.

The Hillside team and residents have been embracing the lovely weather they've had in Hertfordshire with gentle walks down by the river and around the block, so everyone gets some daily exercise. They have been keeping the gardens nice, looking after the wildlife, and enjoying alfresco dining. To stay creative, they have been doing lots of art. Making the most of Amazon, residents have found a new hobby in jewellery making and hope to continue long after the lockdown has been lifted.

Every week, Hillside residents have all been joining in in the ‘clap for carers’ on Thursday nights. One of Hillside's neighbours is a nurse so there are lots of rainbows on the windows.

The local daycentre has been in contact and sent pictures, colouring books and pens for the residents that attend. Residents have also been baking and are having a special ‘afternoon tea’ where everyone is going to get their best frocks on, and bring their best tea cups and saucers for the occasion.

“At Hillside, we take each day as it comes. The team has done so well and I am so pleased that residents have enjoyed the time with the team doing a variety of activities to make the days feel fulfilled.” - Sarah, Hillside Team Leader.

Posted: 04/05/2020 By Olivia Williams  | 1 comments


Good effort! Well done everyone I am Clinically Shielding and appreciate the work you’ve put into yourselves and each other

Posted:  06/05/2020 08:15 Name:  Pam Peterson

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