A day in the life of an Adaptations Co-ordinator

Ever wondered how to go about adapting your home?

Richard is our Adaptations Co-ordinator and we joined him for a day to show how our residents can adapt their homes.

If you’re a resident, we can help you with minor and major adaptations, which includes changes like adding grab rails, flashing door bells or stair lifts.

For more information about our Aids and Adaptations service, click here.

Posted: 28/06/2018 By Lauren Rousseau, Digital Communications Officer  | 2 comments


Hi Sophie, I'll pass on your comments and get someone to get back to you with an update. It might be that you are waiting for adult services rather than us to get in touch. Thanks - Julie

Posted:  02/07/2018 14:30 Name:  Julie Humphreys

Hi, I had a gentlemen come out about adaptions to my home, and he said he was going to refer me to adult services, however I have heard nothing back from origin or adult services, any updates? X

Posted:  29/06/2018 15:16 Name:  Sophie

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