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When Origin took over Hillside there were big challenges: unmotivated service users, sometimes challenging, who didn’t participate in their community and were reluctant to engage with staff or the people they lived with.

The Team physically cleaned the buildings and persuaded the landlord to fully redecorate. This kick-started a transformation that enabled Staff to patiently start getting people engaged in identifying their aspirations and making links into the community to fulfil them. 

Helen was quite ill when Origin took over, refusing support and, often, to get out of bed. Working closely with her family she was gently encouraged to come downstairs and staff slowly built up a rapport with her. They encouraged her to cook healthily and email her family and, importantly, to start going out. She now has a busy life going to a community centre, out with her befriender, and being involved in daily activities. She also enjoys shopping, gets her hair done regularly and trying new foods. “Staff are brilliant with Helen” (Sister)

Katie moved in after Origin took over. Her relationship with her family was sporadic and being dual-diagnosis, staff worked to a multi-agency approach and clearly defined protocols. She has good and bad days; but mainly good now. She is volunteering at a local charity shop, does aqua aerobics (a great escape for her) and loves knitting for a local hospital. She also spent two weeks with her Mum at Christmas; a huge step, but a great success.     

In just 17 months, the determination and passion of the team has delivered a service that now sits firmly within its community and advocated for service users to be a part of that community. In their first CQC inspection report it recognised that ‘people were supported to go into the community and pursue their interests’.

Posted: 31/08/2017 By Julie Humphreys, Head of Communications  | 0 comments

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