How support has changed lives

In our Enfield housing we have provided tailored support for around 55 residents covering issues such as mental health, hoarding, mobility employment and training, making the most of their money and hosuing options. here i share just a few of our stories with you:

Tom's story:

Tom is a 25 year old tenant that lives in an ESH property. He moved into ESH as he wanted to learn to become more independent away form his parents

He has learning disabilities which sometimes prevents him from being able to advocate in an effective manner. He also has problems accessing resources such as claiming the correct benefits, addressing his eating habits and having any positive engagement in the wider community. He also had gambling problems. This was also causing him a lot of stress as he was often running out of money.

Since being supported by the Assessment and Support Officer Tom has started to become more confident liaising with the wider community. He has joined a social network group (for LGBT) and goes to the cinema regularly.  When we first started to support, he had just been signed off ESA and he needed assistance to claim the correct benefits. We supported him to start claiming JSA. Initially we attended the appointments at the jobcentre with him but now he attends them himself.  Through the support of Settle and Assessment support officer he has started to cook healthier meals at home rather than buy takeaways. 

We also addressed his gambling addiction by being able to source a Gambling Addiction hypnotherapist through his college.  He has been attending his appointments and is feeling he can mange his money a lot better.

Alex's story:

When he was referred to Assessment support officer he was in debt of about £10,000 with creditors. We supported him to look at his income and expenditure so that we could see how much he could afford to pay back to each creditor. We agreed on a set amount and called up the individual creditors and set up direct debits so they came out Alex’s account directly on an agreed date.  We then created a clear budget plan for him so that he could see how much money he had after the payments were made.

To ensure that Alex did not slip back, we had a look at his spending habits and explored different ways he could shop more effectively for things such as food. He has been managing his income and budgeting consistently well since November 2015 and not missed a single payment. He has also changed his spending habits and as a result is feeling a lot happier and stress free.

Mervin's story:

Before he came to the UK he was in a terrible incident in which he lost his vision in one eye and also caused him to have long term physical disabilities and mental health issues so he is unable to work.  He also has language difficulties.

Mervin went for an ESA work assessment in October which he failed because he could not advocate well for himself, as a result his ESA was cancelled.  Through the support given to him, we appealed this decision. This got rejected. We then appealed the mandatory reconsideration which also got rejected. We then appealed the Mandatory reconsideration through a tribunal and this got accepted. This process took a few months but Mervin is now on the correct benefits and can concentrate on his medical health. He received over £600 in backdated benefits.

Posted: 31/08/2017 By Alev Horgan, Head of Housing  | 0 comments

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