Crossrail 2 Update

Crossrail 2 is a new proposed railway linking the national rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire via an underground tunnel through London. Here is the latest update.

The new railway would stop at key locations throughout the city centre, including at a new station, Euston St Pancras – directly underneath many of our homes in Somers Town, and linking the existing mainline stations at Euston and St Pancras International. The route also passes close to many communities we work with in Enfield, including Ponders End and Enfield Town. You can view the full Crossrail 2 route on their website.

If it goes ahead, Crossrail 2 will bring huge benefits to the areas it serves, but could also cause major disruption during construction works. A number of our buildings in Somers Town have been identified by Crossrail 2 as part of their ‘safeguarding’ proposals – this means there is a high chance that compulsory purchase orders will be issued if the scheme receives government approval, and the homes will be demolished.

We are working closely with both Crossrail 2, and partners including Camden Council, to minimise the loss of homes, ensure high quality replacement homes are provided, and keep disruption and negative effects from the works to a minimum if they do go ahead.

Crossrail 2 is a partnership between Transport for London (TfL) and Network Rail, and we are in regular contact with both organisations to make sure all of our residents who might be impacted by Crossrail 2 get the chance to comment on and express their views on the plans. The last consultation took place in Autumn of 2015, when we engaged specifically with our residents whose homes were directly at risk, you can read about this on the Crossrail 2 website.

The next round of consultation is due to begin early in 2018, and so if you live near the proposed route, we’ll be in touch with details of how you can get involved. We will also keep you updated on our activity and work with Crossrail 2.

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