Shadowing week with Sheila

Earlier this year we organised Shadowing week, where any of our people could ask to shadow someone else to learn more about the different areas of the business. A few of us wrote blogs about our experience joining our team mates whilst they worked. 

Sheila: learning about our Income Team


On the 9 February 2018, I shadowed Gail Christopher, one of our Income Officers based at Watermill Lane.

Gail explained to me the processes in managing the arrears for her area.

I learnt about Notice Seeking Possession (NOSP) and made a call to a resident about a direct debit that hadn’t gone through and left a voicemail asking the resident to make contact with us to help get the issue sorted.

The experience shadowing Gail provided insight into some of the complex procedures the Income Team deal with and taught me some processes that could help me in my role. The experience as a whole was really valuable as I learned a lot. My shadowing also highlighted to me what a credit Gail is to her team and a great mentor.

Gail taught me lots of processes to help minimise arrears and to enable me to efficiently and effectively carry out my daily duties at reception.  I am very grateful to Gail as her expertise and knowledge has enabled me to manage the car parking at Watermill Lane by closely monitoring accounts and sending out warning letters to minimise arrears.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for my experience.



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Posted: 11/04/2018 By Sheila Peacock, Receptionist & Administrator Support  | 0 comments

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