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Planned maintenance and improvements

In the past year, we have been updating what we know about the condition of our residents’ homes and (where relevant) the common areas of your building through a large-scale physical survey. This information will help us make better-informed decisions about what, and when, planned maintenance and improvement work is needed.

The quality and safety of your homes is extremely important to us and like other Housing Associations, we need to manage our resources carefully whilst we operate in a challenging environment. High price inflation, rising interest rates, new fire safety laws, social housing consumer standards and the effects of the cost-of-living squeeze all impact on our investment in homes and services.  

Our planned maintenance and improvement programme is currently focusing on immediate health and safety issues including fire safety, whilst we use the updated survey information to plan work for coming years.

This means that if you’re waiting for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade or larger works to your building such as new windows or decorations, we’ll need to spread this work over future years.

Using the information from our survey, we anticipate being able to share the works we plan/need to deliver next year around February and over the following five years in March.
We will still carry out day-to-day repairs and routine safety checks as well as fire safety work that may be required, as part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of our residents.