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Anti-social behaviour

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress to another person.

  • excessive noise, particularly late at night
  • drunken or rowdy behaviour
  • drug dealing or drug use
  • insulting or aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse
  • vandalism and graffiti
  • domestic violence
  • garden nuisance (for example: not keeping the garden maintained or dumping stuff in the garden)
  • fly-tipping
  • misuse of communal areas or public spaces/loitering
  • nuisance from vehicles
  • pets and animal nuisance
  • other criminal behaviour like: hate crime and harassment.

Anti-social behaviour is not:

While excessive noise late at night is considered to be antisocial behaviour, "living noise" is not. Examples of living noise include:

  • babies crying,
  • doors closing,
  • children playing,
  • toilets flushing, 
  • DIY noise that is taking place at reasonable hours (7am to 11pm)
  • walking across the floor.

We understand that this may annoy some residents, this sort of noise is a part of everyday life and we will not investigate it as antisocial behaviour. 

While everyday living noise will not be investigated as antisocial behaviour, we may be able to resolve issues in other ways. For example, we can visit residents, give advice to neighbours about reducing noise and suggest mediation. 

How do we tackle anti-social behaviour?

Where possible we expect you to try to resolve issues with your neighbours yourself. If you are unable to do so or the problem is more serious, we can help to resolve the issue.

Where we think neighbours have "fallen out" and are unable to solve the problem themselves, we may invite both residents to discuss the matter with an independent third party to try to reach an agreement.

What we can do:

  • start to investigate the report within five days,
  • keep you updated with our progress,
  • offer mediation,
  • send out warning letters,
  • enter into a Good Neighbour agreement,
  • enter into an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement,
  • take sound recordings (with noise complaints),
  • involve the Local Authority Noise Nuisance Team (with noise complaints),
  • work in partnership with other agencies and provide specialist support (domestic violence, hate crime),
  • offer temporary re-housing (domestic violence, hate crime),
  • take legal action such as an injunction or eviction proceedings.

What we can't do:

  • take action against normal living noise,
  • take action without evidence, such as completed Daily Sheets,
  • take legal action without the cooperation of victims and witnesses,
  • take action against anybody who is not our resident,
  • find solutions without the cooperation of all parties.

To read our ASB Policy please click here.

Report a noise complaint

To report a noise complaint, please visit report a noise complaint.

Report anti-social behaviour

Please use the form below to report instances of antisocial behaviour. 

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