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Report a noise complaint

Do you have concerns about noisy neighbours, loud music, late-night parties near where you live, or any other noise issues? If you're experiencing excessive noise from your neighbours or the surrounding area, please report it to us using the free Noise app.

The Noise app is available for all our residents and it's a simple way to capture noise nuisance and safely and securely report it to your Neighbourhood Manager. It allows you to keep track of any noise nuisance complaints you have, making it easier for everyone involved to resolve these cases. You can download the Noise app from Google Play or the Apple App Store for free. Please refer to our Resident User Guide in the video or document below which covers how to use the app:

You can download the resident User Guide for the Noise app here, and if it is not loading on your device, the text is copied below:


To download the app go to the ‘App Store’ for iPhone users or the ‘Play Store’ for Android users. Search for ‘The Noise App’ and tap ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ to download the app. For Android devices search ‘The Noise App RHE’ and choose ‘Install’ after selecting the app.


Open the app, click ‘Get Started’, select your country of residence and then click ‘Create an Account’. First type in your Investigator (Origin Housing) and choose it from the drop-down menu. You will then need to enter the email address you wish to use for our service. If you have used another one of our services in the past you will be allowed to use those credentials to log in, if not you will need to complete the account creation process. Once the required information has been entered an email will be sent to your email address asking you to confirm your account. Once your account has been confirmed, please return to the app and log in. Agree to the terms of service and enter your home address, this will be provided to Origin so we can process the complaint.

If your Service Provider runs a pre-approved policy, you will be informed by email and at the end of your submitted report. You will be informed on how to seek approval when you submit your reports. Your reports will still be submitted to Origin’s account but for it to be investigated, you must contact your Service Provider and ask them to approve you.


To change language, once logged in choose the menu button on the top left of the ‘Noise Diary’ screen. You will see the option ‘Language’, here you can choose your desired language.

Submit a complaint

  1. Record – After logging in for the first time, you can start recording by pressing the circle icon at the bottom right of the ‘Noise Diary’ screen. If this is not your first time completing a report, please choose an existing address to make sure your reports are sent to us.

    On the next page, hold down on the circular icon to begin recording. You don’t have to record the whole event – just a representative snapshot of the noise as it is happening. You can record up to 30 seconds and if you need to, you can make several recordings, each one 30 seconds to be added to the same case.

    When recording on an iPhone you will see a responsive histogram but on Android devices, you will see a waveform that moves across the screen.

    When you remove your finger or thumb the app stops recording. You can then playback the recording and either Accept or Reject it. To accept the recording, just press the tick on the right, or to discard and re-record, please select the X on the left.

    Please be aware: When playing back through your mobile there are limitations replicating the same levels that Origin will hear playing it back through our cloud platform.

  2. Duration – First, how long has the nuisance affected you? Select the duration on the screen in hours and/or minutes.

  3. Source – Next, what type of noise is it? Scroll and choose a source from the list provided.

  4. Location – Next, where did you record the noise? Choose an area of your property from the list provided and move to the next screen.

  5. Intensity and commentary – You are then asked to rate the noise in terms of how loud you consider it to be. Underneath you may add a comment as to how the noise is affecting you, for example, you might state “the noise woke me up and is preventing me from getting back to sleep”. This information about how the noise affects you is very important so please try to add as much information as possible.

  6. Address – Lastly, enter the address of where you believe the Noise Source to be coming from.

  7. Confirmation – If you are happy with the information presented on the confirmation screen press the ‘Send Report’ button. If your Service Provider runs a pre-approved policy, you will be informed at this stage instead. (unless in offline mode in which case you will receive an email stating this when you reconnect to Wi-Fi or regain 3G/4G).
  8. Approval needed – You may need to seek approval from Origin before we can receive your recordings and reports. If this is required of you, please check your emails as the Noise app will email to inform you.

    1. Noise Diary screen – Your first entry will be found in your noise diary screen (the app’s home screen). If you create more than one case (for different homes), your most recent report will be listed at the top.

      On the left of your newly submitted report you will find a symbol:

      - Two arrows are directed in a spinning motion, this means it is still uploading and you will need to leave the app open to complete. Alternatively, you can force sync, this will appear in grey text (for iPhone users) or as a red button (for Android users). A circle spinning in the top right-hand side of the app indicates your reports are syncing.

      - A tick within a circle means the report has been successfully uploaded to your Service Provider.

      If you select one of the entries in the diary you will access two screens – the ‘detail’ and ‘activity’ screens.

      Switch between detail and activity screens using the tabs at the top.

  9. Notifications – There are two ways of knowing when an update has been made to a case or a message sent to you by your Neighbourhood Manager. Firstly, an orange circle with a number inside it will be displayed next to the case the update relates to, just tap on this case to see the update on the ‘Detail’ or ‘Activity’ screens. Secondly, all notifications can be tracked on the top right-hand side of the ‘Noise Diary’ screen under our bell icon. By tapping on the bell icon all notifications for all ongoing cases will be listed here.

  10. Detail Screen – Provides a summary of the information relating to the particular diary entry you selected. (Please note: we do not supply playback of the recording for users. Once submitted only the Neighbourhoods team at Origin can access these).

    At the bottom of this screen, you will find ‘Add Recording’. This is where you can continue to add recordings to an already ongoing complaint to help build your case. Please do not create a new case when you want to submit a report about an address that is already in your diary screen.

  11. Activity Screen – You will see a summary of activity related to that entry by you and your Neighbourhood Manager. You may also add and receive messages from your Neighbourhood Manager on this page.

  12. What next? – When you next log on you will be taken to your Noise Diary screen. Continue to make recordings and entries for as long as the problem continues.