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Our responsibilities to tenants

As your landlord, our aim is to make sure that you live in your property safely and comfortably. Here are our promises to our tenants:

  • We will keep the structure and outside of the property in good repair
  • We will keep the installations in the property which supply water, gas, and electricity  in good repair
  • We will keep the property insured against fire and other risks normally covered in a standard buildings insurance policy
  • We will allow you to live quietly and enjoy the property during the tenancy without any unlawful interruption from us or anyone claiming to act on our behalf
  • We will pay all taxes, assessments, ground rent, service charges and other outgoings due for the property during the tenancy, except for charges listed in your tenancy agreement as needed to be paid by you.

Origin's Service Standards

We have five service standards:

  1. We will focus on what we can do to help you, and not on what we can't do.
  2. We will provide a clear and prompt reply to your query.
  3. We will provide an honest and transparent service.
  4. We will provide realistic time-scales and where we can't, we will keep you updated.
  5. If things break or go wrong, we'll fix them

Safety in your home

Fire safety

We carry out fire safety risk assessments on a regular basis. If your building has alarms or other fire safety equipment installed, we will maintain and service it.

Gas safety

We also carry out checks on gas appliances in your home at least once a year. It is very important that you let our gas safety contractor into your home to carry out these checks. 

If we are unable to access your home, we may have to cap the gas supply. We may also force entry into your home or take you to court. The cost of doing so will be covered by you. 

If you think that you are overdue a gas safety check, please contact us on 0300 323 0325.

Carbon monoxide safety

We install a carbon monoxide detector every time we install a new gas boiler. Also, all of the properties built within the last two years have been equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. 

If you have an older boiler or live in a flat that is older than two years, you need to install your own carbon monoxide detector. You will need one in the kitchen if you have a gas cooker. You may want to install another one in your bedroom or children's bedroom.