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Pets policy

Do I need permission to keep a pet?

You must have our written permission before getting a pet. 

We will write to you within ten working days to let you know our decision. We will not unreasonably refuse permission but we believe that some controls are necessary to stop careless pet owners from causing nuisance to other residents. 

Some of our estates are dog-free and we will not give you permission to keep a dog if you live on one of these estates, with the exception of registered assistance dogs. You can read our full Pet Policy here.

Can Origin withdraw permission to keep a pet?

Yes. We may withdraw permission to keep a pet and take action against any resident who allows their pet to cause nuisance and annoyance to their neighbours. 

What will happen if pets are not looked after?

Your tenancy may be at risk if your pets cause nuisance to others. This includes things like:

  • noise, including barking,
  • bad smell,
  • fouling in communal areas,
  • causing damage to property.

We may ask residents to re-home their pets if we find that they are causing a nuisance to their neighbours. We might also find it necessary to contact the RSPCA if there is a concern over an animal's welfare.  In some cases, we may have to take enforcement / legal action against residents who will not rehome their animals when asked to.

If you would like to apply to keep a pet in your home, please submit the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your query within one working day. 

We ask for your name, phone number and email so that we can contact you to discuss your request to keep a pet in your home.


Briefly state why you want to keep this pet and what facilities your current home has to make this possible.