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Book an appointment to speak to your Income Officer

We are offering a new service where you can book an appointment to speak to your Income Officer.

The Income Team are here to help you manage your money. If you are worried about paying your rent for example because of Covid-19 or you are finding it difficult to manage your money, then please book an appointment. The team will be able to help you as they can:

  • Help you to make a budget
  • Arrange a payment plan with you
  • Help you prioritise your debts
  • Help you access any Benefit Support you might be entitled to

How do I find out who my Income Officer is?

To find out who your  Income Officer is  just ask the Origin chat bot, "who is my Income Officer?" We'll then ask for your payment reference number. 

How do I book an appointment?

Once you have found out who your Income Officer is you can book an appointment online by using the link below.