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Our Parking Policy has undergone a review by our Parking Scrutiny group. To see their report including the recommendations for improvement click here, or to request a paper copy email Community.Development@originhousing.org.uk. We are working with the group with the implementation of the proposed recommendations. We are keeping residents updated with our progress throughout these improvements. 

Parking arrangements vary for our homes. On some estates, there are designated spaces for residents to park their cars. On others, there may only be spaces available on the public roads.  

Please check your lease or tenancy agreement, or contact us if you are unsure about your own parking arrangements.

Rules for parking:

When you park your car or motorcycle, it is important that:

  • you make sure that you do not block any roadways, access areas or footpaths,
  • you make sure that your vehicle is in good condition, taxed and insured,
  • you do not use our parking for commercial vehicles exceeding 15 cwt,
  • some areas have a permit scheme in place. If this is active in your area, ensure you only park in the space that you have a permit for.

What about unauthorised parking?

From time to time we do experience problems with unauthorised parking by non-residents. To help stop this, we have introduced parking permit schemes where the parking rules for some areas are displayed on signs. 

Unauthorised parking can result in vehicles being clamped and / or towed by our parking contractors.

If you would like to report unauthorised parking in your area, you can report it using the form below.

How do I apply for a parking space?

As an Origin resident, you may be able to obtain a parking space. How much parking space is available varies by the area.  

If you would like to request a parking space or find out if there is a waiting list in your area, please fill in this form and we will get back to you within one working day.

Is your permit expiring? Contact us to renew your permit, there is a small charge of £8.40*
*Cost as of February 2022 and is subject to change. 

We ask for your name, phone number and email so we can look into and contact you about parking space availability in your area, or so we can contact you about your report of unauthorised parking in your area.