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Lift safety

We have systems in place to inspect, maintain and repair lifts. A contractor will inspect the lift, carry out scheduled maintenance and report any work to be carried out to us. We’ll let you know if we’re planning maintenance on your lift, usually via email or a letter.  

Lift servicing can sometimes mean the lift will be out of use for one to two hours. If this will impact you, please contact your Neighbourhood Manager to discuss any assistance we can give you.

Please help us ensure the lifts remain working efficiently for everyone

  • Please do not block or hold open the lift doors.
  • Do not overload the lift with too many people or anything you’re moving into your home; if there is too much weight in the lift it’ll cause the system to shut down and require an engineer to reset it.
  • Please centre any heavy objects such as furniture or white goods in the middle of the lift. Do not place them near the doors or the back of the lift.
  • Do not jump up and down in the lift, or move in an exaggerated way, as this may cause the Safety Gear switch to activate and shut the lift down.
  • Please do not drop litter in or around the lifts; we want to ensure the block remains clean and litter can become caught in the door tracks and cause the doors to jam.
  • In the event of being stuck in the lift, please do not attempt to open the doors. Even if you can see the doors are open slightly, you should never force them open.
  • Always wait for emergency personnel who will shut off the power before you are rescued to ensure your safety. It’s much safer to stay within the lift  and await rescue.
  • Do not use the Lift in the event of a Fire.