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Communal repairs

If you live on an estate or in a block of flats, there are likely to be communal areas that need looking after such as entrance halls, staircases, landings, courtyards and gardens

We employ caretakers, cleaners, and contractors to keep these areas clean, neat and tidy. The cost of employing caretakers and contractors is included in any service charge that you pay. Your service charge statement will give you more details about what services you receive.

Who is responsible for looking after gardens and courtyards?

Origin or a relevant managing agent is responsible for ensuring that communal gardens and courtyards are well looked after. 

If you have a private garden, it is your responsibility to keep the garden neat and tidy.

How does graffiti get removed?

Once we know about it, we will remove offensive graffiti within two days and non-offensive graffiti within 28 days of it being reported. 

We will give priority to removing graffiti that is of a racist, sexist, homophobic or other offensive nature. We consider offensive graffiti to be a form of antisocial behaviour and will treat it very seriously.

What happens to abandoned vehicles?

Abandoned or untaxed vehicles can be an eyesore and may present a health and safety risk. If you see an abandoned vehicle on one of our estates, please let us know.

How can I get rid of bulky rubbish?

Contact your local council as they often run a free or low-cost collection service for unwanted household items such as fridges, wardrobes and mattresses. 

Another option is to take the items to your local rubbish tip.

Bulky rubbish must not be left in the communal areas, bin stores or gardens of our homes. If you find any bulky rubbish abandoned in communal areas, please let us know and we will dispose of it. 

We will try to identify the person who left the rubbish and charge them for the cost of the removal. If we are unable to identify the person, we will add the cost of the removal to the service charge of all of the residents of the estate. 

How often are communal areas inspected?

On average, every three months your Neighbourhood Manager will carry out an inspection of the communal areas of your home. If you have a caretaker, they will carry out additional checks on your estate. 

Please contact us if you would like to attend an inspection or report vandalism in the communal areas. 

Cutting down trees

We will only take care of trees that are in the communal areas. If they're not, then they remain your responsibility. 

We do a planned programme of tree works based on a survey we carry out every three years. If the condition of a tree has changed since the previous survey was carried out, e.g. brought down in a storm, then you can report using the form below. We will then re-survey the tree to see if more immediate works are required. 

Report a communal issue

We ask for your name, email, phone number and address so that we can  look into and contact you about your enquiry.

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