How are we doing?

Our quarterly performance update.

We measure ourselves against a number of key performance indicators, which we update every quarter to see where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

We set our targets by comparing our performance with the best performing housing associations.

Quarter 2, 2021-22

Satisfaction with:

       Origin as a landlord: 67.6% (down from 70.6%  a year ago) - our target for 2021/22  is 77%

The decrease we have seen in customer satisfaction as we emerge from the pandemic is one we are keen to reverse.
75% of residents are satisfied we keep them informed and 64% that we are easy to deal with. We know these are
key factors in overall satisfaction. To improve our residents experience of services and homes, we have started to
develop estate action plans with residents on estates where there are a number of issues to address - this means
agreeing priorities and what can and will be done. The plans help to ensure accountability and means we can jointly
assess the impact of action taken to see if further steps are needed to resolve issues. We have developed and
launched the Origin Oath - I' on your side; I'll keep you informed; I'll see it through - and developed new 
customer experience training which is taking place over the winter period.  Additional staff have been recruited
to customer-facing  teams to address enquiry backlogs and our core organisational focus is on making sure we listen
and respond effectively to residents concerns.

    Complaint handling: 23.8% (15% a year ago) - our target for 2021/22  is 55%

Satisfaction has risen but there is a way to go, and we will continue to focus management effort and resources on
improving the way we handle complaints. Over the winter we will be bringing complaints handling together under
one expert team so that complaints are addressed more swiftly and effectively and residents are kept informed

    Quality of  your home: 70.2% (down from 72.8% a year ago) - our target for 2021/22 is 75%

We continue to work with our contractors to make sure repairs meet the right standard and are completed right
first time in order to improve the overall quality of our homes. We are aware that damp issues can be difficult to
resolve and we are working to improve the diagnosis and resolution of leaks, damp and mould, including reviewing
all reported cases over the last two years. We are having to strictly prioritise planned investment as we have to set
aside funds to meet the significant costs of new fire safety standards. This means that components like kitchens,
bathrooms and windows can only be replaced if they are not repairable. 72% feel their home is safe and secure.
We have worked with our contractors to improve response times for broken door entry systems and communal area
lighting, we have increased the size of team who collect dumped rubbish and we are working with residents and the
police to tackle serious anti social behaviour.

Repairs and maintenance:

   90.2% of residents are satisfied with their last repair (86.2% a year ago). Our target for 2021/22 is 90%

We are pleased that satisfaction for day to day repairs is on target but recognise there remains room for
improvement. We are starting to consult residents on a new main repairs contract due to start in Spring 2023 and
we are also planning to bring in new and additional contractors for specialist and planned works. All residents who
have expressed dissatisfaction with their repairs are contacted to put the problem right.

     89.5%  of repairs completed 'right first time' (down from 90.8% a year ago) - our target for 2021/22 is 90%      

We have seen a slight decline and we are working with our contractors to improve diagnosis and scheduling to
improve performance


    96.8%  of appointments made and kept (down from 97.7% a year ago) - our target for 2021/22 is 95%

We have seen a slight decline and we are working with our contractor to communicate more effectively around

   100% of people satisfied with our aids and adaptations service (100% a year ago) -  our target for 2021/22
                       is 97%

We are delighted with the continued high quality of this service. 


Lettings and estate management:

   Our average time taken to re-let an empty home is 56.6 days (65.3 days a year ago) .Our target for 2021/22                           is 22 days
We are starting to see improving performance following a full review of processes, staff training and increased staff
resources. One of the key blockages is delays in receiving nominations from local councils and we are working
closely with our partners to improve that situation.

Our income performance:

       Current rent arrears for all rented homes is at 5.6% (4.9% a year ago) . Our target for 2021/22  is 4.7%

The pandemic has led to rising rent arrears and we are focused on supporting residents who find themselves in
financial difficulties. Our income team and specialist financial support officers are available to offer assistance to
all residents facing difficulties and we work with DWP to support those residents who require help with universal
credit claims. 

      Current rent arrears for Shared Owners  is at 2.9% (2.9% a year ago). Our target for 2021/22 is 1.7% 

Given the impact of the pandemic we are glad to see that these arrears have stayed stable. Our goal is to reduce
arrears and we provide support and advice to those who need it.

 Current rent arrears for our Retirement residents  is at 2.3% (2.5% a year ago). Our target for 2021/22 is                                     1.5% 

It is pleasing to see a reduction as a result of hard work by our staff team working closely with residents. Our goal is
to reduce arrears further by providing support and advice to those who need it.



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