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What you can expect from us

We aim to provide great services and build honest, open and trusting relationships.  We will try our best to: 
1 - Focus on what we can do to help you and not on what we can’t do 
2 - Provide a clear and prompt reply to your query 
3 - Provide an honest and transparent service 
4 - Provide realistic timescales and where we can’t we will keep you updated 
5 - Fix things if they go wrong or break. 
The detail behind these statements: 


We will: 

  • Reply to all online and email enquiries within one working day - when you email our  contact centre or get in touch through our website
  • Reply to other emails within three working days 
  • Answer your call within 60 seconds when you call our contact centre 
  • Promote and develop ways you can use our services online.


We will: 

  • Give you a job reference number and offer you a range of appointment dates and times when you request a repair or adaption to your home 
  • Remind you about your appointment 24 hours before it happens 
  • Carry out urgent repairs within two hours. These are repairs that are deemed necessary to avoid the risk of injury to people or damage to buildings and property 
  • Attend all other repairs in an average of 10 days depending on the severity 
  • Aim to fix your repair first time service your gas boiler every year, if you live in a rented property 
  • Remove offensive graffiti within 1 working day of it being reported 
  • Repaint the outside of wooden doors and windows, and shared areas, on average every seven years. 
  • Give you details of our major works planned for the next year 
  • Support and assist you in getting adaptations to your home 

Rent and Service charges 

We will:

  • Acknowledge your service charge query in one working day by email, or three working days by post, and respond in 10 working days 
  • Post you a rent statement every three months and tell you about the different ways you can pay 
  • Work to deliver improved value for money for service charges  
  • Post an annual schedule for your new rent and estimated service charges, including a summary of the costs for services relevant to you. 


We will:

  • provide you a copy of your audited accounts by September of each year
  • Consult with you on major works or changes to services you pay for through your  service charges

Moving in 

  • Before you move into your new home, we will make sure the property meets all health and safety requirements and is clean and safe. 

Estates services 

We will: 

  • Keep the shared areas of buildings and grounds where you live clean, tidy and safe

Antisocial behaviour 

Whenever you report antisocial behaviour (ASB), we will:  

  • Contact you within two working days to get more information about your ASB issue and complete a risk assessment with you 
  • Agree on an action plan, and work alongside other agencies to resolve the issue. We will update you on our progress in a timeframe agreed with you.

Care and Support Services 

We will: 

  • Give you a welcome pack, including relevant information about our care and support  services and the local area
  • Give you information and support to help you take part in the activities
  • Make sure we fully assess your needs  
  • Agree on a specific and realistic support plan that you understand, and review it at least every six months 
  • Make sure we agree on any changes to the care or support we provide you to everyone involved. 


We will:

  • Deal with your ‘expressions of dissatisfaction’ when you first contact us, without you having to make a complaint
  • Contact you within one working day of receiving your complaint
  • Respond to your complaints in full in 10 working days, or where things take longer keep you informed  
  • Resolve your complaint the first time you report it.

Customer involvement and feedback 

We will: 

  • Publicise news about Origin  
  • Ask for regular feedback from you on our services via the website, newsletters and meetings  
  • Make sure the feedback we collect from you is kept confidential 
  • Tell you how we will use your feedback
  • Publish summaries of the feedback we receive on our website  
  • Provide opportunities for you to help us shape and improve services
  • Provide opportunities for you to get involved in the management of our services.


We will: 

  • Provide fair entry to our services and treat you with respect
  • Make reasonable adjustments for our customers and stakeholders with disabilities to ensure our services are fair and accessible 
  • Provide translation and interpretation services for essential information on request.