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Landlord Performance Report from The Housing Ombudsman

Each year, The Housing Ombudsman produces a performance report about us as a landlord. 

Access to all annual landlord performance reports can be found here: 

Landlords Archive - Housing Ombudsman (housing-ombudsman.org.uk)

A copy of their 2022/23 report about us as a landlord can be found here.

Their 2023/24 report is due in Autumn 2024, and will be updated here, once issued by The Housing Ombudsman. 

Actions we have implemented since the publication of the 2022/23 HOS report on Origin: 

  • Completed the centralisation of our complaints handling team – so that we have a dedicated team responding to complaints at stage 1
  • Invested in more training to improve our customer service and complaint response 
  • Recruited a Customer Relations and Quality Assurance Manager to have overall operational oversight of complaints and continued quality assurance 
  • Introduced a quality assurance framework to maintain and improve the quality of complaint handling and responses to residents