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Frequently asked questions about warranty

Can I produce the list of defects myself?

You are not able to produce a list of defects before you buy, but you will normally be invited to view your property before completion (this could be after you have exchanged contracts). 

If you notice any defects during this visit, then you can report them  to the accompanying member of the Sales Team, who will log the defect in with the developer.

Will the contractor visit my property in the evening or at the weekend to fix the defects, as I can't take time off work?

Contractors generally only work daytime hours, Monday to Friday, and it is highly unlikely that they will agree to an appointment outside of these times. It is your responsibility to provide access to contractors so that they can fix the defects. Ultimately, if contractors can't access your home, they can't fix the defects.

What do I do if I have an emergency defect during non-office hours?

If during non-office hours you have an emergency defect that needs to be fixed urgently, our repairs department will carry out the repair on behalf of the contractor. An example of an emergency defect would be:

  •  a gushing leak to a pipe or
  • hot water and heating failing during very cold weather.

In such cases, please call 0300 323 0325. 

My heating system was fixed last year as a defect, but exactly the same problem has occurred again and the warranty has expired

If a defect is resolved during the warranty period but then the same problem occurs again once the warranty has expired, we may be able to get the contractor to come and deal with the problem again. If this happens,  you will need to contact the Origin contact centre on 0300 323 0325.