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Service Charge groups

This is a list of our Service Charge groups and a description of what is included in each group.  If you do not receive one of these services, you will not be charged for it.

Service Charge group name

Explanation of charges included in group


Fees we have to pay to inspect our annual accounts.

Building Insurance

Building and terrorism insurance to the communal and external parts of the building.

Building a Safer Future Fees relate to our response to ensure we comply with new building safety legislation to ensure our buildings are as safe as possible.

CCTV, satellite and aerial

Fee we pay for cable or satellite system installed in your building, any CCTV that is installed.

Caretaking / cleaning service

Costs for employing a caretaker. Cleaning and removing rubbish from internal or external communal areas, cleaning materials and hire cost of bins and window cleaning.

Communal Utilities


The cost of providing communal heating and hot water, electricity, cold water, laundry equipment and TV licence.

Cost of Provision

Costs where equipment is used over time and loses value. These would include safety equipment, door entry, lifts, solar panels, automatic gates, CCTV, satellite and aerials, any furniture and white goods we provide.

Council Tax

The fee we pay for the Council Tax.

Direct Salaries

Costs for employing a scheme manager for our care and support and retirement properties

Estate servicing

The costs to service any gates, gardening, pest control, tree pruning and repairs to roads, paths or any other communal areas and bulk rubbish removal.

Ground Rent

Ground rent.

Health and safety

Fire detection and communal smoke ventilation servicing and repairs, any safety assessments and inspections, water testing and electrical servicing.

Maintenance Servicing contracts

These are the costs for servicing and repairing lifts, boilers, emergency lighting, or solar panels.

Planned Works

Planned work to the block for example new windows, roof replacement, and lift refurbishment.

Management Fee

The cost of calculating and managing services charges.

Managing agent costs

Any fees which a managing agent charges us for providing services.

Minor ad hoc repairs

Costs for employing handypersons, materials and equipment to carry out minor repairs.

Personal Cold Water

Personal cost of cold water

Personal Utilities

Personal cost of gas, electricity, and hot water.


Repairs to roof, windows, water and sewage pipes and communal repairs.

Reserve funds

These are to cover the future replacements costs and include things like; door entry systems, roof replacement or repairs, window, lifts, solar panels or automatic gates and furniture and furnishing.

Warden call services

Staff costs for monitoring the alarm, servicing and providing onsite guest room