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Frequently asked questions about major works

I don't feel I should have to pay for the works you are charging me for.

Origin will only charge you for works or a contract for which the lease permits us to charge.

My block is occupied by a mixture of social rented tenants and leaseholders. Will the leaseholders pay the tenants' costs of any expensive works?

No. You only pay your property's proportion of the cost of any work.

Why can't you claim the cost of the works from the building insurance policy?

The building insurance policy does not cover the cost of maintenance and cyclical decorations to developments. Naturally, if any works can be covered by the insurance policy (e.g. fire damage), we will claim the cost of the works back from the insurers. 

Will you be charging me an administration fee for Section 20 notices?

For major works we charge a 12% project management fee and this includes the cost of Section 20 consultation. We may charge a fee for consultation on long term agreements and this would be billed via service charges.