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Changes to your home

If you are a homeowner, you must not make any changes to the outside of your property and the communal areas of the development. This may include installing a gazebo or a conservatory.

Front Doors

You are responsible for your own front door, but as a landlord, we need to ensure that you and other residents are protected from fire. So if you are planning to replace your front door:

  • Let us know the door set type and safety certification for the door so we can let you know if that meets the right fire safety standards
  • You will then need to send us the safety certificate for the door set once it has been fitted
  • For safety reasons, you will have to change the complete door set and not just the door
  • If you live in one of our taller buildings, we will need to make sure that your choice is independently verified. 
  • We may have a programme of upgrading doors in your building, in which case we will consult with you and re-charge for any replacement we make

Structural changes

You will need to get written permission from us to carry out any structural changes to your property. We also may need to project-manage any changes to make sure that they meet the regulatory approval and have no negative effect on the structure of the building.

Examples of structural changes include: 

  • loft conversion,
  • extension to the house,
  • removing any internal walls or partitions.

You will have to pay to obtain permission to make structural changes, as well as cover any costs we accrue while managing the project. 

We reserve the right to refuse any requests for structural changes without providing a reason for the refusal. 

Minor alterations

You are allowed to carry out minor or non-structural alterations inside of your home, for example putting up shelves and a fitted wardrobe. 

If you are a shared owner, you will need to inform us of any major improvements, such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, as it may affect the value of your home. 

All leaseholders will need our permission for any larger non-structural alterations such as removing partition walls.

This is to make sure that the proposed changes meet all necessary building regulations and have no negative effect on plumbing or drainage and to communal services (e.g. communal heating).  We will also need to make sure that the proposed changes don't affect neighbouring properties in terms of noise, risk of pipe leaks and risk of damage. 

Finally, we need to make sure that the changes will not invalidate the terms of the building insurance and any building warranties that cover the development and your property.

Television and media

You must not interfere with the communal television, telephone and broadband systems. 

Satellite aerials

You must not erect your own satellite dish or television aerial. Our developments nearly always provide access to either Sky or Virgin Media via a communal system. 

We are currently unable to provide permission for Sky or any third-party company to install the Sky Q adapter or alter our communal aerial equipment due to ongoing issues our residents have had with poor signal. 

If you wish to access satellite TV from another satellite (e.g. Hotbird or Turksat), please speak to the Sales Team to see if these satellites are included with the development's communal TV system. If they aren't, then you will be unable to watch the channels found on these satellite systems, unless you can access them via the Internet.

Wooden or laminate flooring

You will need to get our written permission before you lay wooden or laminate flooring. This is because the noise resulting from walking on hard flooring may disturb your neighbours. 

If you do so without obtaining permission and we subsequently find that it causes nuisance to your neighbours, you will be expected to remove it at your own expense.