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Emergency repair?

If the problem presents an immediate risk to safety, security or health, you must call us. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Raise a new repair online or by phone

You can now report any non-urgent repairs through your Origin Online Account. Sign up for your account and raise a repair in minutes.

Contact Us

Please contact us using one of the methods below.

Message us via WhatsApp

If you would like to send us a message via WhatsApp, we are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Send us a message via email, Whatsapp or Live Chat from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Start a new chat here đź‘‹

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New enquiry
Contact your Neighbourhood Manager

We are offering a new service where you can find out who your Neighbourhood Manager is and then arrange a time to speak to them by booking an appointment directly with them. 

Your Neighbourhood Manager can help you with: 

  • Reporting anti-social behaviour and what you can do 
  • Helping you talk to or work with your local Council
  • Moving home by a management transfer or mutual exchange 
  • If you have an idea to improve your neighbourhood
  • If you have a parking question
  • If  you have an issue with your Tenancy
  • Give you information on other services that we provide which may help you

How do I find out who my Neighbourhood Manager is?

To find out who your  Neighbourhood Manager is  just ask the Origin chatbot, "Who is my neighbourhood manager?" The chatbot will then send an email to you with the name of your  Neighbourhood Manager and whether they are in the Inner London or Outer London area.

How do I book an appointment?

Once you have found out who your Neighbourhood Manager is, you will need to know whether your property is in the Inner London area or the Outer London area and then click on the book here page.

How do I book an appointment as a homeowner?

If you are a homeowner then you will just need to find out who is responsible for your property by asking the Origin Chat Bot and then go to the book here page.


Enquiries and repairs phone
You can contact us by phone from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday by calling 0300 323 0325.

For emergency repairs please call 0300 323 0325, available 24 hours a day.

How to make a complaint

We aim to provide high-quality services to all our customers but recognise that sometimes we may fail to meet expectations or our own service standards.

Origin Housing takes all complaints seriously and wishes to be notified at the earliest opportunity so that we can put things right.

See our contact form below to contact us and below that is our guidance on our Complaints procedure. If you want to complain about your neighbours, please go to the Antisocial Behaviour page.

How you can make a complaint

Complete the online form Submit a new complaint here​

Why make a complaint?

Examples of complaints are:

- The service we provided wasn’t to a good standard.
- The length of time taken to provide the service or information you need.
- Our failure to keep you informed of a decision we made.
- The attitude or behaviour of our employees or contractors.

If we log your enquiry as a formal complaint, we’ll get back to you within three working days by telephone or email. We will respond fully to your complaint within 10 working days. If we need more time to carry out an investigation or to gather more information, we will let you know.

Who can complain?

Anyone who uses, or receives a service from any part of Origin Housing can complain. To read our Complaints Policy please read our full Complaints policy.

What is not covered by the Complaints Policy?

We will not log your enquiry as a formal complaint if it is about:

- a repair, provision of service or action, if the target completion date has not yet passed
- a request for information
- a first-time service request
- neighbour disputes (please see our Anti-Social Behaviour policy). What we can do is check if our ASB policy and process have been followed correctly
- a problem that you have known about for over six months before making a complaint about it
- legal action which you are currently taking against us and which has to do with an earlier complaint you have made or has come from the complaints procedure

Become a supplier

If you are interested in providing goods and/or services to Origin Housing, please visit How to become a supplier.