Resident Scrutiny 

The Resident Scrutiny group involves up to 10 residents that come together to review a service area agreed with the Customer Services Committee (sub-committee of our board). At the end of a review the group will make recommendations supported with actions that are monitored by our Spotlight resident panel.  New residents will be recruited for each review to make sure that we are always involving different residents. Support and training is provided by an independent facilitator, Tpas and our Community Development team.
By joining the Resident Scrutiny Group, you will work as part of a team with other residents to give us an independent view of our policy, highlighting what works well and what needs improving.
Would you like to be involved in future Scrutiny groups? Being a member of the Scrutiny Task and Finish group will provide great experience for your CV, allow you to meet other residents, work with our staff and provide an opportunity to make a real difference. Good attendance to meetings are rewarded with gift vouchers.

Interested in joining future Scruitny reviews? Complete the application form and email it to us at 

Scrutiny looking at Complaints Process
Our next Scrutiny Task and Finish Group will look at our Complaints process and how it can be improved. This review will start in May; check back here for updates.
Parking policy scrutiny

Our latest Scrutiny Task and Finish Group have completed their review on the Parking Policy and submitted recommendations to the Customer Service Committee. 

Please see minutes from our parking scrutiny meetings below: 

10 September 2020
19 November 2020
16 December 2020
6 January 2021

18 March 2021


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