Get involved - Apply for to be part of our next Scrutiny group today!

We are looking to recruit our next Scrutiny Task and Finish group. The next review, starting in March 2021 is looking into our complaints process. The group will meet approximately four times during the review. Being a member of the Scrutiny Task and Finish group will provide great experience for your CV, allow you to meet other residents, work with Origin Housing staff and provide an opportunity to make a real difference.
Good attendance to meetings are rewarded with gift vouchers.

Apply by 1 March 2021 at Midday (12pm) by emailing the application found here to or just email us and let us know you are interested. 

We have vacancies on our Spotlight Panel too– the group meets every three months to give our residents a voice and ensure we are aware of your’ concerns. The Spotlight panel also ensure that we deliver on actions agreed following scrutiny of our services.  They play a key role in ensuring that we collect the views of a wide and representative resident base and influencing the work that we do.

Apply by 1 March 2021 at Midday (12pm) by emailing the application found here to

See our advert here.

Other ways you can get involved:

  • Online forums to provide their views and receive feedback
  • Topic/issue based consultation in form of focus groups, local meetings and similar
  • Estate inspections together with staff.