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Terms and Conditions for hall hire

Conditions of Hire 

We accept your booking for our community hall when you agree to our conditions of hire set out below:

  • The person making the booking is the person who will be held responsible for the conduct of the guests and the condition of the hall.
  • The hall will be opened and closed by the venue host who will attend the hall at the start and end of your booking, unless agreed otherwise.

Times of use:

  • You must arrive for your booking at least 15 minutes before your start time.
  • Our venue host will wait up to 1hr for your arrival unless they are informed about the reason for the lateness.
  • You will be charged £15 for every 30 minutes you are late from your booking start time. This will be deducted from your deposit.
  • The premises must be vacated by the end of your booking. Failure to leave the premises by booked time will lead to a £15 charge for every 30 minutes after the end time.
  • If it is a one-off booking, the venue host will go through the health and safety paperwork with you at the start of your booking.

Community Hall usage/hirer conduct:

When exiting and entering the venue, attendees should behave in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb the neighbours. Noise should be kept to a minimum.

The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all the function’s attendees – this relates to:

  • All costs incurred due to lost hire income or cleaning charges because of the hall not being left in a clean condition.
  • Reporting any damages caused during the event/function is the hirer’s responsibility, the hirer will be held responsible if the damage has occurred during the period of hire, which will incur damage costs.
  • Any accidents or concerns should be reported to the venue host or Origin Housing as soon as possible.
  • Ensuring that rubbish is disposed of using the bins provided.
  • Leaving the premises clean and tidy including furniture, which should be put back where it was found.
  • Arriving and leaving at the times specified on the booking form.
  • Ensuring that alcohol is not sold on the premises.
  • Ensuring that attendees have left the building by the end of the hire period.
  • Ensuring children are always supervised.
  • Fire door (Basil Jellicoe Hall only) is out of bounds and should only be used in case of an emergency. The hirer must ensure that individuals in their group do not use this door, unless in an emergency.
  • Smoking within the building or directly in front of the premises entrance/exit is prohibited.

Health & Safety:

  • Users who are violent or show aggression will be investigated and may be banned from booking halls in the future and risk losing their deposit.
  • No cooking in the kitchen is allowed but food can be heated.
  • You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your attendees and ask that you are particularly careful where children are involved.
  • No candles are allowed for fire safety purposes.
  • All accidents or injuries must be reported to the venue host.
  • All accidents or injuries must be reported to us within 48 hours on 0300 323 0325 (key holders).
  • The Hall Host will go through a Health and Safety checklist with you on arrival and leave it with the user to use at the end to ensure they leave as before and hand this back to the Hall Host at the end of your booking where they will flag any issues back to Origin.
  • We will draw your attention to fire safety procedures including the assembly point and please take note of how to evacuate in the event of a fire. You will need to assign a buddy for anyone with a disability who would need help in case of an emergency to escape. You are responsible for the H&S of your guests.
  • The Hall Host will show you where the first aid box is located.
  • Hiring organisations must have public liability insurance and we will ask to see this where relevant.
  • You must not exceed the person limit agreed upon for your booking/activities.

COVID measures to ensure safe use (after 19th July 2021):

  • Users and hirers have responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of premises and should take account of any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector.
  • Users and guests are not to attend if they have any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Users to check the Gov website for the latest guidance before their booking takes place and follow these accordingly. · You must ensure that all your guests scan the QR code displayed in the venue and complete details for NHS Test and Trace.
  • Wash your hands or sanitise regularly and avoid touching your face
  • Consider continuing to practice social distancing and face covering if that feels right for you and your guests
  • Asking friends and family to take a lateral flow test before attending especially if they are not fully vaccinated.

Payments and deposits

  • Your booking is only confirmed once paid in full, together with a deposit of £100.
  • A flat fee of £15 per booking will be added to your booking charge to cover the additional costs of Covid safety measures.
    Payments for hire must be made 14 days in advance (where a booking is made, at least a month in advance).
  • Should the booking time become unavailable, through no fault of the hirer, then Origin Housing will refund any monies the hirer has paid.
  • All monies should be payable to Origin Housing.
  • We will provide you with a full refund if you cancel up to 7 days before your event, but we cannot accept the cancellation after this period. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate a booking if you break our hire conditions or compromise the security of our halls.
  • In the event of any damages occurring during the event/function, repair costs will be deducted from the initial deposit. If the cost of repairs exceeds the initial deposit, the hirer agrees to pay any excess.
  • Non-compliance to any of these conditions may result in loss of all or some of the deposit paid.