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Swapping homes with another tenant - a mutual exchange

One way in which you can move is by exchanging your home with another Origin tenant, a council tenant, or a tenant of another housing association. This is called "mutual exchange". 

As long as you and the other tenant meet our requirements, you can exchange your home with anyone in the UK. 

In order to give our tenants the greatest choice in properties to swap, we are a member of an online mutual exchange scheme called Homeswapper

How does Homeswapper work?

If you are an Origin tenant who wishes to swap their home for another you need to: 

  1. Contact Origin on 0300 323 0325 so we can set you up on the Homeswapper website 
  2. Once set up, you can go onto the Homeswapper site and look for another tenant who would like to swap homes with you. 
  3. Once you've found somebody who wishes to swap with you, you need to: