Your feedback

Here we show you how we have listened and acted on your feedback.

You told us

 What have we done


You were unhappy about how we kept you informed with your complaint.

We are reviewing our complaint process to make sure we improve our service to you.


You wanted us to be more visible on your estates and clean the external communal areas where you live more thoroughly.

We focussed on continuing to improve our cleaning services on your estates and satisfaction is now at 83%. We will continue to work hard to make sure we improve throughout the year. 


We responded to your feedback that we are not handling your ASB enquiries very well. 

We worked hard to make sure our levels of satisfaction with our ASB process improved.   Our new process and system for managing ASB has seen satisfaction improve by 60%.


You were frustrated chasing up the ‘case owner’ on your enquiry.

We made changes to our process to make sure our colleagues get back to you more quickly. We’ve had feedback that our colleagues now listen more and are more polite.


It can take a long time to get through to you on the phones.

We have implemented live chat on our website so you can ask us a quick question there!


It would be good if you could come out and talk to us.

We have just re-started a programme called Neighbourhood Explorers where we will be coming out to visit estates and chatting to you about your issues, to see what we can do to make your neighbourhood a better place.


You weren’t happy with the condition of your home when you moved in.

We are inspecting work done by our contractors more thoroughly before people move into our homes to make sure they are a good standard.