Your feedback.

Here we show you how we have listened and acted on your feedback.


You told us So what have we done
We have logged multiple complaints and you haven't got back to us We have put in a new system so we are able to track who is dealing with your complaint and whether they meet the timescales.
There is no follow up contact after you have received my complaint. Our complaints team will call you talk to you through the response, once we have investigated your complaint.
With anti-social behaviour you are not doing well and ignoring the problem so it gets worse.. We have reviewed our process and policy and are now consulting residents on it.
We'd like to know what number we are in queue when we call you. Soon we will be able to tell you what number you are in the queue when you call us.
It can take a long time to get through to you on the phones. We are trialling live chat on our website for any quick questions you want to ask.
It would be good if you could come out and talk to us. We have just started a programme called neighbourhood Explorers where we will be coming out to our estates and chatting to you about your issues, to see what we can do to make your neighbourhood a better place.