Working safely in your home

We wanted to remind you of the Government’s guidance to keep our staff and you safe whilst  we are working in your home. 


What we will do: 

At the time of booking we will ask you additional  questions linked to the coronavirus so that we can make sure our staff are safe. 

Before the appointment we will call you to check that no one has any coronavirus symptoms, explain how long we expect the work to take and eask that you maintain a 2m distance from  our staff. 

Only people who are absolutely necessary will attend appointments and should maintain 2m  separation where possible. 

Limit the number of our staff within a confined space to maintain social distancing. 

Avoid transmission during appointments, for example, not sharing pens and other objects. 

Wash our hands on arrival and maintain social distancing when entering your home. 

Continue to use PPE that is identified for the tasks we will be carrying out through a Risk Assessment. 

Frequently clean objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using cleaning products. 

Arrange with you how we will dispose of any waste. 

Remove all waste and belongings from the work area at the end of a job. 

Regularly clean our vehicles, we will use gloves and use standard cleaning products with emphasis  on handles and other areas where passengers may touch surfaces. 

Sometimes we need more than one person for a job, if that happens we will: 
•  Allocate the same workers to a household where jobs are repetitive. 
•  If workers have no option but to travel together - journeys should be with the same individuals and limited in the number of people travelling per vehicle. 
•  Maintain good ventilation, for example, keeping windows open and passengers facing away from one another to reduce risk of transmission. 


What we need you to do: 

Keep a 2 metre distance from those working if possible. 

Leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles. 

Identify busy areas across the household where  people travel to, from or through, for example,  stairs and corridors, and minimise movement win these areas. 

If anyone in your home is self-isolating with any symptoms you need to let us know as soon as possible. 

If you have a gas or electrical inspection due you need to give us access to your home as you  usually would. This is essential for the safety of  your household and it is still a legal requirement. 

Any questions email or call 0300 323 0325