“Stay Put” policy update


We are aware of the interest in the media around “Stay Put” advice following coverage of the first report of the Grenfell enquiry.

Most Origin residents will live in a building where a notice is displayed that states  “full evacuation” or “stay put” in the event of a fire.

We want you to know that we have checked all our buildings with an existing stay put policy and where this is no longer  appropriate we have either made the necessary changes to the building or changed to an evacuation policy.

Where there is a stay put policy then it is safe to stay in your home unless you are affected by fire or smoke or you are concerned. If that is the case then the advice is to calmly leave the building by the nearest exit. In most cases you will only become aware of a fire after the fire service arrives and deals with the fire. Please bear in mind that a large amount of people leaving at the same time does come with its own issues.

Should further advice be issued by government and or the fire brigade, we will review the current advice and keep you up-to-date with what if anything changes.