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Are you eligible for intermediate rent?

Are you employed full-time? Is your household income below £60,000 (Outer London) or below £71,000 (Inner London)? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then you might be eligible for our subsidised housing (intermediate rent).

How to move into your new Origin home

It's easy to move into your Origin home, we explain how the process works in five simple steps:

  1. Your local Council will nominate you for a home or you can bid for a home on Homeswapper
  2. We'll invite you to a viewing with one of our team.
  3. If you like the home you've viewed and want to move in, you need to accept the offer and we need to check to see whether you will be able to afford to live there.
  4. If everything is ok, we'll get everything ready for you to move in and let you know when.
  5. Once your new home is ready we'll come and meet you there and give you the keys. 
Origin Lettings Process 01 (1)