Private Lettings


Social housing


How you can apply for our homes:

  • through your local council
  • ​by transferring from another home

Register with a local council

If you’ve applied to be on the council’s housing register, your local council can nominate you for one of our homes. You’ll usually have to join the council’s waiting list.

Register with your local council:

Transfer from another home

If you’re already one of our social tenants, you can transfer to another home. This is still possible even if you’ve not been offered the chance to renew at the end of your fixed-term tenancy. You can also swap homes with other social housing tenants.

To swap your home please visit: HomeSwapper


Find out more 

Government website:

Shelter housing charity website:

Are you employed full-time?

Is your household income below £60,000 (Outer London) or below £71,000 (Inner London)? 

If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then you might be eligible for our subsidised housing (intermediate rent).