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Shared ownership

You can view available Shared Ownership properties on the Origin Housing Sales website.

When you become a shared owner, you buy a part of the property and pay us rent on the part of your home that you don't own.

Shared Ownership lets you get on the property ladder without having to save the large deposit needed when you buy your property outright. In time, you may wish to buy more of your property - this process is known as 'staircasing'.

As a shared owner, you will be responsible for:

  • paying rent on the part of the property you don't own,
  • paying service charge,
  • all repairs on your property,
  • paying 100% of your utility bills, council tax and other expenses.

You also will not be allowed to sublet your property unless you own it outright. 

If you decide to sell your property - but you don't own 100% of it - you will need to contact us first. We will attempt to sell your property for you and if we fail to make the sale, will you be able to do it yourself on the open market.