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Communities, places people are proud to be part of

We’ve continued our work to ensure we help create strong communities that benefit the wellbeing and welfare of our residents. We’re really pleased that the community events we’ve run, both in person on our estates and online have involved  912 residents this year, up from 350 in 2021/22 and that 97% of our residents were happy with our work in the community.

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We’re regularly getting out and about on our estates in person through our quarterly ‘Neighbourhood Explorers’, regular estate Inspections by our senior caretakers, Estate Walkabouts led by our Neighbourhood Managers and ‘Out and about with Carol’ where our colleagues join our Chief Executive Carol Carter to visit estates and schemes and meet our residents. The aim is to find out what matters most in your area, or estate and then look at how we can work together to ensure our communities truly are places people are proud to live in.

In total we had over 2,220 attendances at our We Are Ageing Better activities for our older residents throughout 2022/23. Lots of our residents take part in numerous activities a week and we had over 100 sessions where our volunteers helped deliver activities to keep our older residents active and connected. This year we've continued to use our community halls for table tennis, our cream tea club, and other activities like boccia. If you're interested in getting involved, please email community.development@originhousing.org.uk

The fantastic projects our Community Fund has supported

This year we’ve provided over £21,000 in funding to 18 community projects expected to benefit nearly 700 of our residents and the wider community. and we rent out our community halls, at a discount for residents or community groups, to help generate money to re-invest into communities.

Some of the projects we've funded this year are:

Trauma Recovery Art Therapy Workshops which offer a safe space to talk and express yourself with others while creating art as a way to connect with the outside world. It's not always easy trying to make sense of the emotional and psychological challenges we may face so it is important to ‘just be.’

Cruse Bereavement Support provides a service for Bereaved people living in Hertfordshire. Residents can access Cruse Bereavement Support services by ringing their helpline and leaving their names and telephone numbers. One of the helpline volunteers will ring the person back to offer advice and support. Some callers may just need one support call or may be signposted to other relevant services.

Daniel’s Den is a local children and family charity primarily based in the London borough of Brent. They believe that through supporting families we build community. 

This Parent and Toddler group will run every Monday term time only. They welcome all local Origin residents with children under five to attend.  Follow this link to find out more and to Get Involved - Origin Housing