Paying your rent

Easy ways to pay your rent:

  • by direct debit
  • at a Post Office or Pay Point in a local shop with your Allpay card
  • by standing order. Set up your standing order by calling the Contact Centre on 0800 040 7989
  • Register with My Origin our new self service portal and you can also see your rent statement online.
  • Pay online via allpay

  • by telephone with a credit or debit card payment via Allpay. Call the Allpay telephone payment line 0844 557 8321 . You must have an Allpay rent card to do this
  • to request an Allpay card call the Contact Centre on 0800 040 7989.
  • Allpay App. You can download the Allpay App to your smartphone and register your details to pay your rent.
  • Post.
  • You can send a cheque to our offices, crossed and made payable to Origin Housing
  • Housing Benefit Direct. You can ask your local Housing Benefit Office to pay Origin Housing direct.

To find out what you can expect from our rent and service charges service please click here to read our Origin Service Offer.

What happens if I can’t pay my rent?

If you have problems paying your rent you should call the Contact Centre immediately on 0800 040 7989. We will be  sympathetic and will:

  • check that you get all the benefits you’re entitled to;
  • help you manage your money;
  • put you in touch with a specialist debt advisory service.

Wherever possible we will try to come to an agreement with you to clear your arrears. However, if you continue to fall behind with your rent and fail to clear your arrears we will take legal action against you.

 Legal Action

If Origin needs to repossess your home we will serve you with a Notice of Seeking Possession.

You then have four weeks to agree to an arrangement to pay your arrears in installments. If you have not paid these installments during the four week negotiation period, then we will seek court action and a lump sum payment (this would be more than your installments amount).

If we have to go to Court we will seek a County Court judgement to evict you from your home, which will mean that:

  • it will be very difficult for you to get credit or a loan;
  • we will be able to apply for a warrant to evict you from your home;
  • you will not get a reference for other landlords or mortgage lenders;
  • if you leave owing rent, we will instruct a debt collector to recover the debt from you.  
When you contact us, if you are facing legal action, your call may be transferred to the Income Officer who manages your account

What are former tenant arrears?

Former tenant arrears are outstanding rent and service charge debt when you have moved properties. Arrears can be caused by:

  • Late/missed payments
  • Keys returned late
  • Non payment of housing benefit
  • Moving without giving 4 weeks notice

You are responsible for your rent even if it was paid by housing benefit, you will be expected to clear the debt.

Rent and Service Charge debts left by tenants who have moved out of an Origin property will be passed onto the Former Arrears Recovery Officer. It is highly advised that you clear any outstanding debt before leaving the property as further action can be taken against you.

 What Origin would do if you have former tenant arrears:

If you leave a property with arrears, Origin will:

  • Send you a closing statement with the first letter to inform you of the outstanding debt
  • Be happy to answer any questions you may have as quick and efficiently as possible
  • Agree a payment plan with you to pay in instalments, if you cannot clear your arrears in one payment.

Action that may be taken if you do not make an arrangement:

If the outstanding debt still remains unpaid, we will:

  • Use tracing agents and other methods to find you if you move without providing a forwarding address
  • Refer you to a debt collection agency – this will affect your credit score
  • If a tenant has passed away – we will check the probate records to see if there is an estate from which the debt can be paid and write to the Next of Kin
  • Legal Action – this includes money judgement orders, warrant of execution (Bailiffs), third party debt order, attachment of earnings orders, charging order etc


For more information about rent and service charges read rent and service charges handbook.


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