Communities are as important to us as our customers and our homes. That’s because we believe residents will be more satisfied in their homes if their environment is attractive and welcoming, with a sense of pride, ownership and respect among neighbours.

So we do all we can to help generate integrated and active neighbourhoods, bringing residents together to take positive action to improve where they live. We work with you to build strong communities, identifying local needs and empowering residents with the tools to address them where we can; delivering targeted improvement projects and developing leaders.

There are a variety of ways in which you can get involved in your community through Origin. If you have an idea of your own that you would like to get off the ground, talk to us, we will do what we can to support you.

Origin is a customer-led organisation, which means we value feedback and involvement in our services. We have a number of opportunities for residents to play an active part in how their landlord and their community is run.